'One of the funniest books I've read in a long time...' 'Matthew is an extremely likeable central character...' 'Plenty of humour and wit...' 'Light, fun read...'

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Matthew Malarkey is a man on a mission. To find a soul mate. Following the breakup of his marriage he has searched in vain for a new relationship. Encouraged by his good friend Cecil Delaney, he has lived a hectic social life, trawling bars and clubs, but with no success in finding that meaningful connection. Cecil, a straight talking, cockney Londoner who loves to party, suggests that he tries the world of internet dating.

Matthew signs up on line in the 

pursuit of love and embarks on a series of dating escapades, with a variety of ladies, only to find that Cupid does not make the quest for love easy. As Matthew searches for that elusive spark, he finds himself becoming involved in a succession of entanglements, culminating in a date he doesn't want - with the law.

Matthew Malarkey has hit the big four - O. To celebrate, he plans nothing more than a quiet dinner for two with the lady in his life. But his friend Cecil Delaney has other ideas. In Cecil's eyes big birthdays mean big parties and there's no better place to party than Las Vegas, Nevada. In the spirit of keeping the dream alive, Cecil organises a surprise trip to the bright lights of Sin City. 

With his plans hijacked, Matthew decides to play it low key. But it's hard to stay low key in Vegas and when Matthew inadvertently gets mixed up with the wrong people, he finds himself gambling with a much higher stake than he had anticipated - his life!

Matthew Malarkey has decided it’s time to settle down with his detective girlfriend and what better time to propose marriage than on a chilled out holiday on the beautiful island of Ibiza. But Matthew’s plans go horribly wrong when he is blackmailed by the very people that she is investigating, and 

he finds himself implicated in an international smuggling ring. In an attempt to solve his problem, he takes matters into his own hands and returns to the island – with disastrous results. 

Targeted by a gang of criminals intent on silencing him, Matthew tries to stay one step ahead of his pursuers with 

the help of his best mate Cecil. But 

with time running out, the law and the villains closing in, Matthew faces 

losing his freedom, his relationship – and his life.

Matthew Malarkey is looking forward to a day at the races with his best friend Cecil. But things take an unexpected turn when there’s confusion with his tickets. In an effort to save the day, Matthew takes a decision that turns into a bigger gamble than any he’d expected on the racecourse. Gambling has consequences and soon he is caught up in a web of blackmail and deception, at the mercy of a gang with an audacious plan. 

With no choice but to cooperate, or risk losing his freedom, Matthew is dragged into a ruthless criminal syndicate in the heart of Spain, a syndicate that wants a return on its investment. As he seeks a way out, it becomes apparent that Matthew is playing a dangerous game, with the odds stacked heavily against him. 

CLICK on the following link to read an OUTTAKE excerpt from one of the original Cupid's Pursuit drafts. This never made the final published cut but it's fun to share.


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In CUPID'S PURSUIT, Matthew has a number of dates. Below is a list of the ladies in question:

  • LINDA       the superstitious one
  • PAMELA  -   the judgemental one
  • JULIA     -    the imaginative one
  • SALLY   -     the mature one
  • DIANA    -    the sophisticated one
  • ABIGAIL -    the creative one
  • AMANDA -   the nervous one
  • DELITA    -   the adventurous one
  • SUE         -   the angry one
  • ESTELLE -  the mysterious one