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I started to write seriously (well, if you can call the humour genre serious!) a few years ago. It is my view that there are already plenty of heavy, intense books out there to challenge the intellect and perhaps, just occasionally, the reader might like something fun and light hearted. My aim then, is simply to entertain the reader. My style is light and easy on the consciousness...I hope...but it doesn't mean the story can't have some complexities. Humour gives you licence to go where you choose. I quite like that freedom.


Cupid's Pursuit is that sort of book....light and fun. However, beneath the comic adventures of the central character, Matthew Malarkey, lies a social comment on the internet dating phenomenon that will appeal to both male and female readers.

The sequel to Cupid's Pursuit, Vegas Pursuit, takes Matthew on a trip to Las Vegas, to celebrate a big birthday, where once more fate conspires to make life anything but straightforward!


In the third book in the series, Diamond Pursuit, Matthew's spirit of adventure takes him to the beautiful, laid back island of Ibiza where a tale unfolds that is anything but laid back.

The latest in the series is Spanish Pursuit, an adventure that sees the characters find themselves in a tricky situation in the heart of Spain.  


Most of the situations that appear in this series of books are based on real life and experiences. Yes, even the most outlandish ones but with the added flavour of poetic licence, imaginagtion and, of course, invention! My characters are a mix of the most extreme sides of a number of people I have encountered in everyday life, but with a great deal of exaggeration applied. I enjoy writing about the four main characters and their interaction intrigues me, even though I am their creator! But that's the fun of it. 

I hope you enjoy them too. 

Patrick Shanahan

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For an outline of my principle characters in the Pursuit Series of books see below......

The author presents a copy of Cupid's Pursuit to Lady Wimbledon 




Matthew is the central character in the series. A well meaning, normal guy, Matthew is seeking nothing more than harmony in his life. However, fate often conspires with Matthew's penchant for making wrong decisions, to ensure that life is sometimes far from harmonious.



Party loving cockney Cecil, is a street smart, no nonsense 'geezer' who tells it the way it is. He likes a good time and usually knows where to find it. A loyal friend, Cecil will not let his mates down. But behind the bullish bravado lies a more sensitive side that is only ever seen by those closest to him.


Carlos is the proprietor of MacFadden's Bar. Half Scottish, half Peruvian, Carlos is the older voice of reason. He is often the calming influence when things go awry. But with a personality that flits between his Scottish and South American roots, he is anything but predictable. Check out Carlos's bar here


Jasper is the 'ladies man' of the group. Good looking with a ready, roguish smile, Jasper takes a 'happy go -lucky' approach to life. Never stressed, his charm opens doors and makes him the perfect wingman for any situation.